Some Ways to Prevent Cavities

Cavities can be the reason for nightmares for the people who have these. So, when you see that your teeth have started developing cavities, you will need to get those restored as soon as you can. The restoration is not pain-free. There would be drilling and other procedures which are never comfortable. Bad news is that you cannot just ignore the existence of cavities. If there are cavities, you will need to go for restoration because if you don’t, the cavities will keep developing, leading you to lose the tooth. Then, you would require dental implant to get everything fully back to normal.

Although, following the daily dental hygiene routine should be enough for you to prevent cavities, there are many cases when these normal routine tasks fall short in effectiveness for a patient to prevent cavities. In this scenario, there are some other things that you will need to take into consideration in order to prevent cavities.

Fluoride can be highly effective

Fluoride has the capability to fight almost each of the dental infection. So, if you suspect that your teeth can develop cavities sometime later, you can emphasize on the use of fluoride. Typically, toothpaste and mouthwashes contain extra content of fluoride. It helps fighting germs in and around the teeth, and it strengthens the enamel. You may also consider having fluoridation treatment.

Dental sealants

When we talk about sealants, we often recall teeth protection of children from cavities. It’s true that sealants can help in cavities prevention for children, but it can also be used by adults if there is the risk of cavities. However, the use of sealants shouldn’t become a reason for not paying attention to daily dental hygiene tasks. Rather, it should be considered as an extra protection for the teeth in order to prevent cavities.

The tap water

Your habits of eating and drinking also play very important role in prevention of cavities. For instance, the water you drink daily may not be specifically advantageous for the teeth. It may not be harmful but if there is an alternative which can provide protection against cavities, then why not go for it? I am talking about the tap water. If the water which you get through the taps is clean for drinking, there is an extra advantage of it regarding teeth protection because it contains the content of fluoride, something which can help in fighting cavities.

Look for Xylitol

Xylitol is usually present in the sugar free gums and artificial sweeteners. But, it isn’t necessary that every sugar free gum and sweetener must contain Xylitol. You can have a look at ingredients table before buying the product. The major advantage of Xylitol is doesn’t only satisfies the sugar craving while keeping the typical sugar disadvantages away, it also stimulates the production of saliva which is highly necessary for the germs and infections in the mouth to rinse away.

Dairy intake

For stronger teeth and better cavity protection, you need to increase your dairy intake. Dairy products have high content of calcium which is very essential to keep the teeth strong and cavity free.


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